Saturday, December 31, 2005

The family at Christmas

Poppy eating the left-over fruit salad.
This is my mom & dad. Married all these years and still look relatively
happy to be around each other!
These are "the boys" giving Grampy extra antlers.
Here is the new baby of the year. Can't believe he was so easy going... between the antlers and Dan, there was plenty to fuss about!
And this is the baby girl of the family.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dan's building a house

This is the house Dan is building on Mill Street in Austin, TX.
This is the dowstairs room that I would use as a bedroom because the bathroom is right there on the right. A queen size bed fits centered under the windows with space on both sides for nightstands.
This is the living room back door view. The stairs to the right are over the doorway into the "bedroom".
This is the front door. The kitchen will be to the left of the door. I am standing in the large open living room/dining room.
And this is the 12X14 loft. Big well-lit room.... originally called the bedroom, but he who moves in can choose what they like.

Cool, huh?!?!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Wonderful Day

It really started yesterday evening when I got a phone call from a woman looking for a massage therapist to come to the office to surprise her boss. We decided on this morning.... I managed to sneak in with my chair past the boss's office and set up in their small conference room. When the staff brought him into the room, he was thrilled! It was such a joy. The whole office was so friendly and obviously caring of one another.
Also last night, Ceridwyn let me know I'm going to be visiting her office to give a day of massage. I'm so excited. She is still deciding which day next week.
Of course today started with the surprise for the boss. Then I needed to run a couple of errands. On my way to the library I saw a group of about 20 Monk or Green Parakeets on the ground between the road and a parking lot next to a similar size group of pigeons. I quickly pulled into that parking lot to take a longer look. What a treat.
Then, Dan came home with the gift his boss gave him.... A PEACH PIE from central market. They are absolutely the BEST pies!!!! We ate it for dinner.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Website rejects

I don't know.... Dan didn't think these looked professional enough for the website. What do you think? At least I have a sense of humor!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Great show!

Michelle, Al and I as Istanpitta had a fabulous time in Silsbee, Texas Friday night. I had a wonderful time singing some of our more holiday repertoire in a church with angelic accoustics for singers. The audience was so wonderful and the food for the reception was unheard of -- oh, yummy! What a great way to start the month.