Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The house is orange

Construction on Dan's house is coming along.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The show is over

The show is over. Four performances over the weekend. All went very well. Between shows we ATE and ATE some more and we all did a good deal of laughing. That's me and Stephanie. More pictures are on my calendar.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Busy week

What a week. I had rehearsals Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun for the Play of Daniel. I had a job interview on Tuesday. I was supposed to do volunteer massage for AIDS Services of Austin employees on Wed, but I was just too exhausted. I worked with my new employer, Starflower Essentials Organic Skin Care all day Friday and again Saturday morning at the Green Living Show at the convent�� ay continued with an audition for Austin Civic Chorus and Austin Vocal Arts Ensemble. Dan and I finished off the week with The Chieftans last night.

The Play of Daniel is going really well. We start rehearsing with costumes tonight.

The new job.... I will be working as a helper for Starflower when we do facial parties and exhibits at shows. All of the skin care products are hand made and formulated with all natural organic ingredients. Cherylyn, the owner, is a most incredible entrepreneur. She has been doing this for 12 years and sells to individuals and spas nationwide.

The Green Living Show.... I make a point not too say anything too negative on this blog.... but if this show happens again, better screening or guidelines need to be in place. It was billed as a green living show, not a general home show. There were some GREAT booths in the gardening and home building area. Even Ford was showing off their greener vehicles. But there were also pots and pans and closet organizers and hot tubs to be purchased.... hmmmmm.....

The audition.... was great! I was nervous as I have not gone in for an official "audition" with my own music prepared to impress the judges kinda thing in forever..... It was much less formal than I was braced for. The accompanist and director were very welcoming and easy to chat with. I will rehearse and perform with both groups through May and then probably sing with only AVAE. The first concert with AVAE will be a 21st Century concert at the end of March. Then in May AVAE does an Early Baroque concert, and ACC performs Samson with full orchestra.

Oh, The Chieftans..... What a show. We were 8th row center. They were themselves fantastic, then they added some dancers and extra players here and there for a trulty entertaining show. As for their guests, "the young Canadian acrobatic dancing team of brothers̢۪ Jon and Nathan Pilatzke" were absolutely cuss worthily phenominal. They have apparently been with the Cheiftans for three years. There was also a great female dancer, five young Irish steppers, and a young Nova Scotia based band of four, a fabulous harpist, a bluegrass guitar-man from Nashville, and a longhorn cap wearing bagpiper from here in Austin. I'll prabably write more about this on the Green Gabriel blog :-)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Singing Valentines

Today I started advertising for the biggest singing telegram day of the year. I am offering 2 songs, flowers and a card delivered on Valentine's Day within the city of Austin, Texas for a starting price of $35. Any other day of the year, prices start at $30. Additional charges may include delivery outside of Austin, very specific delivery time, delivery of extra flowers or gift.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

2006.... What will I do this year?
Practice, read, learn history, music and music history.... sing, sing, sing.... search for unusual beautiful seldom heard songs. Take risks, be brave. See beauty and goodness, be happy.
That's the main bits. Grow, go, be heartfelt, live, branch out, soak up the world.... be Green.