Sunday, April 23, 2006


Wed the 19th, I was invited to help out with a massage class. That was really fun too, and guess what, I got paid! This new spa (Spa Aloha) in Round Rock hired my friend Ariana to teach their new staff some massage moves. The group was great.
And to celebrate my day of work, I went out to dinner with Ceridwyn at Chuy's. YUM!
Fri the 19th, Dan and I went to Brentwood Tavern to hear Heather Gilmer & Jeff Moore play some fabulous Irish tunes. If you are in Austin and you've never heard them, really.... go hear them.
Saturday the 22nd!!!! is Abby Green Day! or Earth Day to some, but I know it as the day the judge started my new life. (divorce, name change, all that) This year, the second annual Abby Green Day, I worked.... no really, I WORKED. I drove out to La Grange and worked with Knot Anymore massage company and gave eleven 30 minute massages to bicycle riders in the MS 150. I was REALLY thankful that we were not in 100 degree temperatures, but low 90s is pretty tough. I drank 4 bottles of gaterade, and 4 bottle of water and all of it came out as sweat. Talk about exhausted. But it was fun. I met some great people and made some good money, and hopefully I can get a few jobs with this company in the future.
So that's all the excitement I can stand.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Backyard Oasis

Dan and I used the beautiful weekend to do some yardwork.... Mowing, weeding, and planting in our creative pots. Now the backyard is lovely and refreshing.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


What a cute couple! I was just looking at the pictures Al has posted on the Istanpitta website and found this. It makes me laugh. What a pretty strumpet :-)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dan's Orange House

Dan's house is almost done. The yard has been leveled and secured, the holes for the new trees have been dug, the walls are up and painted, the translucent panels are on the stairs, the upstairs room has been coated with polyurethane..... The stairs and kitchen need to be finished and the yard and driveway need to be completed. I'm ready to move in! No, we're not really moving in, but I'm tempted.

The first picture is the upstairs room/loft with polyurethaned wood floors. Had to show the stairs themselves leading to the front door. They will have grey rubber treads. The left panels are only up to a railing level open into the loft room. And finally is the front of the house. What a beauty!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tierra Studios

A new Early Music ensemble is born. UPDATE: Top runner for the name of the band is now "Musica Illuminata". "Cygnus" was apparently taken :-(.... but I love the new one and I am really surprised no one is using it!

We spent four hours recording a demo CD. The recording is going to remain an uneditted format. We are a group that is about performance. We strive to bring the audience an exciting taste of Medieval music and performance incorporating improvisation, changes given across the stage at a moment's inspiration and storytelling and singing.

I'll keep you updated.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lafayette, Louisiana

When you think of Louisiana's food, you probably think Cajun.... and yes, there are a healthy dose of Cajun restaurants. This weekend, Istanpitta performed at Acadiana Medieval Fair just north of Lafayette. While there, we were told to visit a Greek restaurant called Zeus (supposed to be although it doesn't seem to be working). I am telling you here and now that it was the BEST food I have tasted EVER! Not just the best Greek, not just the best this year..... It was GOOOOOOOD!!! We asked our waiter to recommend an appetizer. He recommended "Fried Cheese". In my pathetic excuse for a dietary adventure, I was thinking breaded fried cheese sticks like you can get at commercial restaurants everywhere, but it's recommended, so maybe that's the best this place can do... ??? We ordered it. It was absolutely the tastiest treasure..... I'm really surprised there was no snarling over who got the biggest or last peice. It was not breaded and it was goat cheese, which the waiter gave the name of but I cannot remember. The sauce that was all over it was heavenly. I made little pita bread cheese tacos out of my share of the cheese, and we all shared the responsibility of licking the plate. For dinner I ordered a simple Feta Salad. Simple.... whatever! There almost more feta than lettuce and the dressing was incredible. It was a perfect blend. I was SO stuffed I could hardly breath. It is only right that I should mention the person who brought us to such a pleasure. Thank you, JOE!!! And I didn't even mention that they had a great belly dancer. And having worked with a world class dancer, Sahira, I can honestly say that this graceful woman was really icing on the cake of our evening. I'm sure she probably has a website. If I find it, I will post it :-)