Thursday, September 28, 2006

Checking Luggage

I will be getting on a plane to Indiana tomorrow and checking these two items... A trash can which contains a large tabor drum and my small suitcase (the size people like to cram in the overhead compartments). This is the first time I am checking the trash can. First, I hope the tabor survives. Second, I hope trash cans aren't signature tools of terrorists which would then warrant blowing up the trash can to see what's inside. Third, I hope it fits in the rental car when we get there! I'm traveling alone this time.... should be entertaining.

More Italy

One of the smaller fountains... kinda cute, huh?
From the top of the Spanish Steps looking down at the tons of tourists. It is September - I can't imagine what this place was like in tourist season!

At the top of St. Peter's Cathedral. We valliantly climbed all the way to the top... and paid seven Euro for the priviledge. It was worth it.
There are shrines on nearly every corner. Some with pictures, some with statues, some with candles....
Well, not everything Italy is pretty. Dan loves this statue. He says it is the ugliest statue in the world. I'll take his word for that.

Italian Cats

Italy has alot of cats. Italy has a no-kill policy, which for those of us familiar with animal shelter life is the ultimate goal of cities everywhere. Who wants to kill animals? So cities and organizations in the US set up spay and neuter programs and other pet education programs to get pet populations under control. Italy seriously lacks in these programs. Veterinarians there actually encourage people to allow their animals to breed. More animals means more vet care means more money for vets. Forget that there are not enough people or homes to care for all of these cats.
These cats, here in this post, live at the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. It is actually a big archealogical dig site in the city. It is below street level and has underground tunnels so the cats found that they could hide and be safe there. Cat ladies started feeding the starving scared cats and today it is a full scale rescue operation. The organization does adoptions and educates the public about spaying and neutering and does what they can to provide a safe life for these cats in a not so perfect living environment. Most of these cats are abandoned house cats (about 300 cats) and kittens. Some desperately seek attention... others seclude themselves in the ruins. Most of the cats only live a few years in these conditions.
Dan adopted Sky, the cat in his lap, in their adoption at a distance program. Sky is an OLD guy, and likes to mark his territory, so he will not be going home with anybody. But hopefully, he will find laps to lounge in and now he can buy treasures with his allowance from Dan.

Italy pictures

Rome, the land of a gagillion HUGE statues.
The Colloseum.... Take note of the huge crowd of tourists waiting to go in.
What would Italy be without it's fabulously rich food.... mmmmmmm.
Ah, such teensy cars.... and driven more like bumper cars with nine lives.
Ruins ruins everywhere.... so many that they really don't know what do with them all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


We got home from Italy last night. We stayed in Rome the whole six days. With our hotel downtown, we just walked and walked and walked all over the center of the city. We did take the subway a couple of times, but only because it seemed like fun and I had never been on a subway.

I think Rome has more statues than people. Statues, fountains and shrines to St. Mary were the constant theme of the city. And sure, that seems fairly obvious, but until you see the AMOUNT of these things. It really is incredible. Oh and the mosaics and paintings were rather abundant too. The city is one huge museum. It makes it difficult to believe that people actually live there. Of course there are ruins from the Roman times of Caesar, and we visited those. I'll be posting some pictures very soon :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

new website

I won't go into the psychotic episodes that it took to get a new website going.... I'll just say, it's now partially on the web! Woohoo. I have tons of things to do to it, but I only have the rest of the day to do them as I leave for ROME tomorrow :-)

Hopefully, today I can put new buttons on the page and get the buttons to link properly. AND I will take off the song I put on the page. I like it but alas, it's not mine and I didn't mean to put it up there.... It was labeled "track 2" and so is a song that I am singing which I thought I was experimenting with....

When I get home, I will hopefully add music and fill in the text blanks that I have left.

We had a great time in Colorado and took tons of pictures. Both concerts went really well and had very wonderful audiences.... I'm ready for another round!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Website down

Hey! I'm in the process of putting my site on a new host. It was all going well until I arrived in Houston and looked to see if it was still there.... and it seems to have fallen off the web.... oops. There's not a thing I can do about it until I get home next week. So I'm posting here in case anyone is curious :-)

Singing Telegrams of Austin: That's me :-) I am unavailable for telegrams thru October 17. I'll be back in town between stops for only a couple of days during this month. Feel free to email me or call if you have questions... I will return your call / email as computer and phone availability allow. 512-905-2783

OK... That's it for now. I might try some audio blogging while I'm out on this journey. I won't know how they sound till I get home. hmmmm....

OHHHH Did you check out my new MySpace? I just put it up about a week ago! Michelle Levy just put on up too, so click on her picture in my friend space when you get a chance.