Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving pet style

I had my own pet sitting business for nearly four years a while back. I recently got to talking with an old pet sitting friend of mine who gets swamped at holidays and would like to leave town every now and then. She contrcated out a few homes to me over Thanksgiving. I started yesterday with one which was actually one of my old clients. The Greenes and their two Boston Terriers were always a favorite - nice pups, nice home, nice people, nice neighborhood to walk.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I went to the Texas Toot (an early music workshop out in East Texas) last weekend and had a blast. I had some fabulous classes. A couple of lute classes, a couple of voice classes, a percussion class and more.... I got to play a krumhorn!! For those who don't know, a krumhorn sounds like a kazoo, is played more like a recorder or penny whistle, looks like a huge candy cane, and it has a reed so you have to blow until you think all the blood vessels in your head are going to explode. Now imagine 30 people in a big circle all playing these silly monsters. It's great.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Abby Green of Dublin

I just met Abby Green of Dublin, Ireland. If you are looking for the writer Abby Green, visit her here. I cannot wait to read her book! How can I not???

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Austin's East Side Cats

Many of you know that Dan and I live east of downtown Austin. Our neighborhood is swarming with cats. We already nursed, spayed and rehomed one kitten named Shrimp. We now have two backyard kittens. For about two weeks we were calling them Lilly 2 and Lilly 3 because they looked like my Lilly cat. Yesterday, we came to the conclusion that while we can not take on two more indoor furball family members, we seem to have attracted 2 new family members who don't seem to mind too much that they roam the world as they wish. With this realization, we gave them proper names, proper Irish names. Mairead is Lilly 2, and Niamh is Lilly 3. Sweet cats, about 6 months old. If you know anyone who would give them a good home, please, I would rather them be loved and let in on the couch, than loved only when we want to sit on the porch.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So I've been going about this telegram business easy breezy no problems. And suddenly I have a young lady who contacted me October 2 for a telegram for her friend here in Austin to be delivered the 28th. Payment was scheduled to be made by check in the mail. We were in contact the whole time and when the 28th came and I still had no check, I contacted her once more to be sure she truly wanted to send the telegram and to get a better feel for this payment. It is now nearly 2 weeks after the delivery which she stated she was pleased with in her email. He and his roommates were certainly pleased.

When I owned a pet sitting company, I never made up policies before someone changed my mind and gave me reason to create a policy. So here with go with policy number one!