Thursday, April 26, 2007


First one in over 12 years.... Suppose I shouldn't complain.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Contract Pending

Ta DAAAAA! The front of the house. The car port is really too small for a car, but it will make a FABULOUS patio.
Here's the back.
Caldwell Street
Across the street... lots of trees and just a peek at another home.
Downtown Manor. This is the WHOLE downtown area. Grocery, Hotel, pizza, and Mexican food. What more do you need? I walked about 5 blocks to get here.
Just a little comparison of distances that I'm used to driving from where I live now with Dan, compared with distances I can expect from Manor.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Abby Green Day

April 22 is Abby Green Day. This is the anniversary of my name and the beginning of a new chapter in life. Not every new chapter deserves its own holiday, but one with a documented date surely does. I got to enjoy a day at Scarborough Faire. Usually we are working and wearing costumes, but this time, Al & I went in normal clothing and did nothing really but wander. The weather was great. Our friends EJ, Vicki, Leisa & others helped make the day fun and relaxing. I got a Guiness from each of my Berts. I love my Berts!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Frio River

Dan and I just returned from the Frio River. Lovely river to wade in, fabulous campfire for roastin' hot dogs and warming yourself while watching the stars. All around nice relaxing time.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Had a great time in Louisiana. Friday, March 30, Al, Michelle and I performed our school program for three different audiences. 600 children and teachers made up our first audience. They were fantastic children... an elementary in Lake Charles, LA... the entire school. The second audience was a little more than half that size but only the 4th, 5th, & 6th graders got to see the program... again, a great group. And the last audience was a packed house at the main library in town. Some people came to see us who had seen us at Acadiana the year before. We had a most wonderful time, but we were exhausted by the end.

We left Lake Charles and drove onward to Lafayette. We made it by the GPS finder. However, Garminsky led us astray when we asked him to take us to Cracker Barrell. I was so exhausted, I asked Al to just take us to the hotel. We ended up ordering pizza which was an all around much better plan anyway. Poor Annette got stuck in the tornado warnings and bad weather of Dallas, TX. She was supposed to get to Lafayette that evening, but slept (sort of) in the airport and arrived the next morning.

Al, Michelle & I went to the fair. We started the day meeting Cercamon, a fabulous trio of musicians from Montreal. Then.... the rain.... the rain.... oh the rain. The fair got really muddy. Kate's van (Al's wife's van) nearly got stuck in the mud, but we made it out, and took our new friends to our favorite Lafayette restaurant, Zeus. Annette was hungry for some real food after her very long journey and badly needed nap. Andrew, Pierre and Ivan of Cercamon laughed at our goofy jokes and soon fell right in with our sense of humor. Those are their pictures. Ivan at the top, Andrew smiling, and Pierre playing recorder. Pierre, by the way, is not only an amazing recorder player / rauschpfeifer, he is also an incredible singer.

Day two of the fair was much better. There was only a small rain shower. All of the fair folk were friendly and fun and we all felt relaxed and at ease.

Day three was the younger half of school days. There were lots of kids - mostly well behaved, but there were lots of 'em!

Day four was the high school kids day. Several of the schools had the kids were some sort of costuming or even memorize bits of poetry. I was impressed at how much the kids did. Many seemed to enjoy it very much. There were also several kids with very good questions that obviously enjoyed some aspect of the music that we and Cercamon played.

Already looking forward to next year at Acadiana Medieval Faire!! What a great fair... and only it's second year!
After all that, Al and I put Michelle & Annette on planes and we drove back to Houston. Thursday evening we went into the studio. More recording. Al is getting close to finishing his latest recording project. I think it's going to be a great CD.... hmmm.... could I be biased? NOOOOO, not me!