Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Home Improvement

I haven't posted any home pictures in a while. Partly due to camera malfunctions including the fact that I bought the wrong kind of battery for Al's loaner camera. Ooops. And the other part is that once I moved in, things slowed down in the home improvement world. I still had a few projects in mind and now I have some pics of those.
First, the living room ceiling lamp. I'm not sure if I'm done with it or not, but this is a great start at impressive tackiness.

Second is... well, this window is wider than all the other windows in the house. When I went to put the Roman shade up, there was well over an inch of glass on each side of the shade. I finally fixed the problem today with a simple burgandy curtain to complete the sexy purple and burgandy theme.
There are three projects in this picture. First, a "door" to the bedroom. That's the same burgandy as the window curtain. Second is the blanket rack hung high in the hall. And third is the little bookcase. The bathroom is small. The closets are small. Having a blanket rack REALLY saves me some closet space, and the bookcase will give me and house guests somewhere to put stuff.