Monday, January 28, 2008

Things Celtic

It's official.  I'll be playing at Things Celtic on March 15 at noon!  I'm very excited.  It should be alot of fun.

And...  Michelle & I are going to step out into the world and play at an open mic night at BD Riley's tomorrow.  Woohoo!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I love laughter. I love people who make me laugh. Michelle is definitely one of those people. She's an awesome fiddler. Apparently she's also a banjo player. And she's a pretty strong singer though she won't admit to that. So. We sat around and wrote some songs. We video recorded them with my computer and put them up privately on YouTube. Today, we're going public. And unless I lose some important gig because of it, I'll keep them public.

The Ballad of the Lone Nacho

Tequila, Nachos & Cheese

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bacon Man of Manor-ville

Our dear neighbor from across the street... has brought Michelle and me more meat.  Yesterday a pound of bacon and some sausage...  which was FABULOUS in spaghetti sauce.  Today he brought 3 pounds of hamburger meat.  We are having Michelle's famous Mighty Burgers tonight.  I guess we look hungry and maybe pale.

Yesterday I surfed Craig's List as I do often and found a restaurant that I like advertising for waitstaff.  I decided, what the hell....  what else am I doing today?  I marched myself right over and filled out an application.  As with EVERY single job I have applied for since beginning to work on music, here is the response:  We want full time people.  And we need you to be available for weekends.  Being gone one weekend a month is too much.  Translation: We want someone to devote their lives to us, a restaurant who will pay you little, but we let you accept tips.  Aren't we nice?

OK...  What am I already doing that I should capitalize on more?  What am I good at that I'm overlooking?  I don't mind doing non-music things as long as I can still do the music things.  Why cant that be ok?  Is there some service I can provide using my computer while I travel but still have time to offer?  Is there anything I can make and sell?  I like makin' stuff...  and I love using my computer....  Let's think here.  Liam has been awfully cuddly lately.  I think cat rental will soon be an option.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Latest at home

Look at the love.  Such sweet kitties they are.

This is the eco-friendly dryer.  When it's too cold and rainy for the solar powered dryer in the yard, I get to hang everything up in the living room.

Liam.  He's just too cute.  He's grown into a small but dog-like cat.  

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pet Sitting

This computer can go everywhere with me.  My favorite part is that there is almost ALWAYS an internet connection open anywhere I go.  Most people have their connections protected with a password.  Usually it's the public types that I find open and available, but I have found a few personal ones that do not have passwords...  I can see people's iTunes and everything!!!  SO...  note to everyone - put a password on your wireless connection!!!

So this morning I am petsitting, watching cable TV, listening to iTunes and posting on my blog via some wireless connection.  Wow...

Oh my goodness!  I didn't tell you...  I have my car back!!!  She's running, not smoking or leaking....  she sounds good and seems to be running great.  I'll have to fill in the rest later...  but the important part is that I have my car back :-)