Monday, July 20, 2009

On the Radio!!

Ceridwyn called me this afternoon to tell me I was on the radio! KOOP 91.7 in Austin has a show on Mondays 11-12 called "What's a Girl to Do?" Lisa, the host, focuses on female musicians. Today's show featured a cappella artists and so she played my Bheir Mi O track. I wish there was a podcast to share with you, but alas. You'll have to start tuning in just in case she plays me again! By the way, you don't have to be in Austin to listen. You can listen to the radio on the internet... fancy, huh? For future reference this was show number 38.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Silver Leaf Renaissance Festival

Two weeks done here in Michigan with three more to go. The setting is beautiful, the weather has been amazing. Everybody has been wonderful. I have an insanely fantastic camping area. There are a few mosquitoes to keep you on your toes and the berry tree above my car is going to make the car polka dotted before I leave here, but I suppose it's time for a new look.
My stage is by the beer. I am sharing my stage with the Limeybirds. I've shared a stage with them before when Istanpitta played at Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival. They are a hoot and make the day go by with a few extra laughs.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


My resting place for the week is beautiful Asheville. After a few weeks in Austin and 9 days in California, one week of relaxing in Asheville doesn't quite seem to be enough. I have unloaded from the past trip and sorted it all.... now I'm packing for Silver Leaf Renaissance Festival in Michigan. I need to open the pop-up and take out some things I won't need for this trip, but overall, the packing doesn't look like it will be that tough.

My other project of the week has been to learn a couple of tunes on the "bombard" or "sopranino shawm". It's really a bombard (traditonal Breton double reed instrument - really loud), but it basically qualifies as a shawm. The only difference is that the bombard has a key for the low F. A high shawm would not. And the shawm would probably be made of a lighter brown wood. Whatever... I'm practicing on this because I need to gain and maintain the power to blow that hard, and I need to learn fingerings for an F shawm because I have a real F Alto shawm on order from Joel Robinson. I am very excited. My fingers become less retarded each day.