Monday, August 31, 2009

New cart

I have needed some sort of CD cart for a while. I've had a couple of different bags and bags or baskets seem to work for a lot of solo musician types. I have felt like I need to get things up off of the ground and have a way to move things around a fair without tons of set up involved. I also need to be able to eventually pack it down small for car travel. During Silver Leaf, I decided to experiment. I bought this little plastic fold up cart at the local big mart store. It turned out to be a whole lot sturdier than I expected. I did cover it with fabric, and there were things that worked, but a LOT of things that did not. The fabric would shift and fall off when rolling around. Setting up the tray on top for CDs and then getting into the cart for the capo I forgot was all a big hassle. Also during Silver Leaf, I made the decision to purchase an amplifier. If / when I made this purchase, I knew I would definitely need something to make moving the amp and my CDs around a fair easier, and I would prefer to make the amp as invisible as possible. Still, I would like to pack everything down small for travel.
The wooden cart was born. I used the plastic version as my model. The sides fold in and make the whole thing flat. The shelves push the sides out to keep everything expanded and strong. The bottom portion with the curtain is big enough for the amp. If I am at a fair where the CD sales need to be in one place and the amp in another nearer to me, I can take the amp out of the cart... hence the curtain. I considered making it more of a carved wooden face but that would mean the amp would have to stay in the cart and with fairs, you never know what the set up will be. Flexibility is crucial to survival. I am very happy with the results. It's sturdy, the wheels roll very well, and there is lots of space for CDs and supplies... and there is room on the front for a sign. I get to try it out for two weekends in Maryland starting Sept. 12!