Thursday, October 29, 2009

Houston House Concert

This was a fantastic experience. I had a feeling that this format would be just the thing for me. Sharing my favorite music, feeling casual and surrounded by friends (brand new and long standing)... it was just the thing, and even though the weather turned nasty, we had a pretty full house!
Michelle Levy joined in with her fabulous fiddling and improvisation skills. It is such a pleasure to provide a supporting rhythm for her tunes and I love the way she fills in my songs.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Things Celtic

I've always loved Things Celtic - lovely Celtic gifts and treasures. The store also hosts Irish classes, St. Patrick's day celebrations and small concerts. I've played there several times. This time I brought Michelle Levy. We had a lovely informal sharing of songs and tunes with friends and folks who stopped for a little Monday happy hour. My friend JoAnn Grant took lots of photos.

Live on the radio!

Michelle Levy and I performed on KOOP 91.7 in Austin on the show What's a Girl To Do hosted by Lisa Schneider. Part of the broadcast can be found here on the show's MySpace page.
It was exciting and fun and a total honor... and it was scary!!! She took these photos of us. Thank you, Lisa, for everything!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


My friend and singing buddy, Ceridwyn, and I sang on a CD project for John Ross a few years ago. He loves us so much he invited us back to harmonize a couple tracks on his upcoming CD. He is an eclectic song writer musician who puts his heart into music for all the right reasons. He is awesome to work with and an inspiration... for sure!
Abby & Ceridwyn.... Awwwwww.
Serious Abby.
Glorious Ceridwyn!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am very lucky and grateful to live in a time and place that allows me to travel and live independently and freely as a woman of 35. Since childhood, I have wanted to live without the need and concern for money. I'm not really sure where I got that, but the theme runs deep. The childhood dream would change from being a career volunteer to the dream in my teens of being a traveler. Neither of those things are money making career options. I would struggle and argue mentally with how I could possibly do this. As an adult, I began volunteering at the Humane Society. Soon, I was offered a job. Career volunteer was now an actual option. I liked that job... loved it most of the time. Even being "paid" to volunteer there, the pay was not a real wage, and I eventually found that being a self-employed petsitter offered much of the same positive benefits for people and pets, but I actually got to make a living wage! This set the stage for my desire for independence. Making the rules and choosing what clients were appropriate for me was amazing. When I moved to Houston, I interviewed for a job at the Humane Society there. I was beginning to get back into music and I knew I wanted to leave doors open for musical opportunities. They offered me a job, but all weekends were absolutely mandatory. I wanted that job so bad. I wanted music and independence, too. I cried on the drive home and called them when I got home to turn down the offer.  In the end, I chose music, travel and freedom.  It sure is wonderful to live in a country in a time when that choice is possible.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I've been making stuff again - boxes. They are made to be instrument cases, but I suppose you could use them for other things. These are the very first wooden boxes I made. I have another one almost done. I am hoping to be able to sell them in coordination with an instrument maker friend of mine. The boxes are 24 X 6 X 9.
Green leather, copper rivets. Experimental style. Cool, but it was pretty hard to get this look. This may be a one of a kind.
Black leather, copper rivets. Future cases will likely use a heavy green leather, silver rivets/snaps, and fasteners like this box. Price tag: $150.