Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have not written one single thing about the Renaissance Festival here in Texas. This past weekend, Paul, the photographer, caught a few funny shots of me. I went through and found a couple of group shots as well.
This must be Sunday of weekend one... my dress is soggy on the bottom and Heather is wearing her cool leather Mexican hat.
This is me singing to Bacchus, god of wine and stuff like that.
Must be Al's solo. We seem to be waiting for him to finish already!!
Here at TX Ren Fest, I do double duty. I play with Istanpitta and I also play solo in the lanes with my wee amp in my wonderful wooden cart - the amp is in the cart, not me. This photo is quite possibly when I had a back up "singer"... He was an otherwise completely ordinary looking patron who was with a small quiet group of people. We joked around and I told him I was auditioning back up singers for my act. A couple songs later, we continued to joke and I reminded him of the audition. The next song he did little backup lines just like the Bob Wills songs... I was probably waiting for his line... and trying to keep a straight face.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


So... 2009. 2009 was supposed to be my year on the road, the year that I just try to get a few fairs and see what it's like to be a traveling homeless musician. It's the beginning of November, and I'm feeling pretty triumphant about 2009. I sent out gabillions of publicity packages and CDs. I filled 29 weekends with festivals. I met so many new friends. I learned so much about performing, purchased an amplification system, and built myself a cart for the fairs. I can't imagine how many miles I've added to my car. I have performed literally from coast to coast. And, I know this one is going to be a shocker, I made a living decent enough to eat! All of these things are so much more than I expected. When I started 2009, I knew had a couple of gigs with Istanpitta and an 8 week fair in Arizona. The rest was a wait and see kind of thing. I've taken a lot of risks. I've had more than a few anxiety attacks. I've worried, but mostly, I've been very very happy. I've been so happy to be able to go out and drive around the country singing and playing and learning. I've been so happy to be able to make all of these choices. I've been very happy to feel supported. Friends have offered beds or couches, food, margaritas. Life has been so good. Between hard work and a little luck, this year has exceeded all expectations. I am so grateful to all who played a part in this... that means YOU! :-)