Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drum roll, please

My empty 2004 Cargo Sprinter Van:

Seat covers and privacy curtain in the "private" position.
Now transformed to a wee house on wheels!
Complete with fold out bed up front, fridge, counter top, clothes bar.
PS... The floor is not pink. My iPhone cover got in the way. When it warms up maybe I'll take another photo and replace this one.

Still to go: wire drawers will go under the counter in this space at the back of the van, a shower space will go between the shelves and the bed, and a canvas/vinyl cover for the back with windows, door zipper and space for the A/C over this back door space, so the doors can be left open, but keep the bugs out and good air in.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Some fairs like to plant musicians, especially harpers, in a picturesque spot and let them play according to a schedule that doesn't require them to clear the stage for the next act because they are the only one playing in that spot. I have always loved this idea. Since I built my cart, I really enjoy sitting under a tree, being visible, but not intrusive. I have been encouraging fairs to utilize this idea. I have two fairs coming up in the next couple of months that are letting me do this. This A-frame sign should help me out by creating my own under-the-tree stage. The sign will post the times I plan to play. This along with the cart and maybe a rug will give me a mobile stage for any fair.
This was at Maryland in September. I had a mic stand which I disguised quite well. Now, I have a hidden microphone. A small mic hides in my costuming totally out of view. NOW, I'm ready! :-)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

And now...

2010 started with a nice relaxing brake. I have had the chance to rest, schedule a few things, and sell my car to buy a cargo van. Rest was badly needed after three months in Texas staying with friends or camping at the festival.
In the scheduling department, there are some very exciting things coming up. I'm playing for four out of six weekends of a brand new Medieval Faire near Austin, TX called Sherwood Forest Faire. They have done a lot of very good publicity, they have an amazing array of vendors and a fabulous list of performers. I totally encourage everyone to come out and support this fair.
One of the weekends I won't be at Sherwood, I will be performing and teaching at NORTH TEXAS IRISH FESTIVAL in Dallas, TX. The all caps are there for a reason. I am very very excited and honored to be performing at the second largest Irish festival in the states, second only to Milwaukee. Only a week ago, I was asked to present a short workshop on Irish Gaelic song. I'm teaching it from the perspective of a non-native speaker, and I'm really looking forward to it.
The other weekend of the six goes to San Antonio Highland Games. San Antonio is a smaller festival, but they bring in some really great musicians. I went as a patron last year and found plenty to entertain me.
When 2010 began, I set a goal to do more Celtic festivals. These two really help kick off that goal very well. I hope to catch a couple more this year. The year is still young, so I don't know what I will be doing the rest of the year, but I'm hopeful about a few Renaissance festivals as well.
Please check out my calendar for the specific dates... and the websites of the festivals for locations, etc.
Oh, the van! I am converting a Cargo Sprinter Van into a small RV. I will post some photos of my conversion work soon.