Sunday, May 30, 2010

The May Report

Hello! I have enjoyed a wonderful month of May. First, I sold my house! I am officially homeless except for the fabulous van that I built just for this traveling purpose and some wonderful friends who let me treat their house as if it was mine. I even have veggie and flower gardens at one friend's house. I love home improvement, so it sure does help to stay awhile and paint a bathroom or something!

Other than that, I am working on tons of new music. I started working on a song in Scots Gaelic. A fabulous singer Rachel Walker has recorded this traditional song, and who better to learn from? I have several jigs in Irish and many other songs in the works... and lots of new instrumental tricks up my sleeves.

On the future performance front, I have contracts for Silver Leaf, Maryland (4 weekends), and Sherwood Forest!!! I'm thrilled and honored to be returning to all of those fairs. Now to fill in some weekends with Celtic festivals and other assorted ideas.

The final news of the month: I have ordered a Trillium 5 course Cittern. I just sent off the deposit check, and I'm still in the freaking out mode of a big purchase especially one with such high expectations. I don't want to let this amazing instrument down. I will do everything in my power to make it proud!

Here are a few photos that "Photography on the Run" caught recently.

These two were from Sherwood Forest Faire.

These two were from Scarborough Faire.