Monday, November 15, 2010

Some time later

So Maryland was awesome.  I hope to be able to return to that faire at least for a short time each year. 
I have performed 5 weekends at Texas Renaissance Festival with Istanpitta and this last weekend I had the honor of singing for Highlands and Islands Games and Celtic Festival.  Lots of really wonderful folks there.  Word is they've already decided to have me back next year!

I am now sitting in my cozy van in a state park just south of New Orleans.  Didn't know there was a "south of New Orleans", did you?!  There's not much real estate between New Orleans and the ocean, but here I am camping in what land there is.  Of course, it is raining so much that I could just be washed away by morning.  Next weekend I am playing Celtic Nations Festival in Lake Charles, LA.  They have a great line up planned.  I'm excited to be able to hear some great tunes.