Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arbor Antiques Wine Tasting

This is the third time I have performed for this wine tasting evening hosted by Arbor Antiques.  If you are an antique lover, Round Top, TX is probably a place you are familiar.  Arbor Antiques hold a show there in the spring and fall.  Great booths, great friendly people, especially on wine tasting night.  I get to be a wandering musician and sing sweet songs to all the booths and strolling shoppers.  Great evening :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radio Time on KPFT

Irish Aires played a track, "The Boatman," from my new CD and spoke very highly of it!  I downloaded the show and saved it to my website.  Click here to go listen to the show!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

It was a pleasure and honor to play at Things Celtic again.  This wonderful store in Austin, TX is a central post of support for the entire Celtic community.  They host musicians and groups who meet to learn the Irish language.  They carry CDs of the local Celtic music groups.  Great people, well worth a stop by the store in Austin or visit their booth at any number of Celtic festivals in Texas!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Review from 67 Music

The new CD is out in the world and people are saying some great things!!  This is what Sl√°inteSteve of 67 Music had to say:

Abby Green’s second recording “Fig for a Kiss” is another delightful collection from this Texas Native, following her first cd, “Einini”, in 2008.  “Fig for a Kiss” gives us 10 more traditional Irish songs, tastefully crafted and arranged by Abby in her own personal style. Abby sings many of the songs in Irish Gaelic which lends a beautiful authenticity, (she also teaches workshops in the language). Her clear voice compliments her own accompaniment on bouzouki and cittern while her talented entourage of backing musicians flavor the recording with various pipes, mandolin, and fiddle. Add harmonizing backing singers and clean, well-produced production values and instrument mixes and you’ve got one wonderful recording. You’ll put this one in your player often.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Life's turns

Let's get cheesy.  "Every door that closes presents another open door.  Don't miss the open door because you are focusing on the one closing."  Yeah, yeah, we've all heard something like that.  Some well-meaning friend in the midst of your greatest struggle tries to cheer you up with something like that.  Sometimes we just need to watch the door shut and scream and cry and beat the door wishing it would open back up.  When we realize the door is shut and locked and possibly has fire on the other side, then it's time to start looking at other doors.
You may think I'm talking about some musical opportunity that I have lost, but actually, no.  The door that has closed...  or is rapidly on its way to slammed shut is the house that I sold 8 months ago.  My buyer is not paying her mortgage...  I am "the bank" in the deal (seller financed).  So I get to begin foreclosing.  Me personally...  I get to foreclose.  This seems all business-like, but it's more than that to me.  I'm a human being and some one who I hugged at closing is refusing to pay me AND is refusing to even speak to me.  It's the last part that hurts.  If she would contact me, there is nearly nothing that we couldn't solve.
So, the cheese.  This door is closing....  my freedom from this house, the income (tiny as it is) that I gain from this monthly payment...  gone.  I'm on the road.  I don't want the house.  I don't have time for the house.  I don't have money to pay an electric and water bill for a house I do not live in.  
OK, back to the cheese....  the door is closing, slamming in my face.  What door could open?  How about the opportunity to make things. I love making music.  I also have a side that wants to make or build stuff.  It's difficult to make things on the road.  I can set up for sewing every now and then, but even sewing is messy...  scraps and pins and fabric everywhere.  I certainly can not build large things.  If I get this house back (note the "if"...  I still hope in spite of all evidence), I want to build a tiny house.  I've seen examples out there.  I'm inspired by people's ability to use recycled and unusual materials.  I want to build a livable house of about 100 square feet with less than $500.  That's right.  I'm setting a challenge for this project.  If I am successful, the door opens to an entirely new and awesome business.  Rather than focusing on this closing door, I am focusing on researching all sorts of ideas for recycled and wasted products that I can use to build a tiny house.  I think I can do this.  The excitement of this challenge far outweighs the hurt and anger I feel for the closing door.  There is a truly positive possibility, and I'm looking forward to this challenge!!!  Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sherwood Forest Faire

If you are anywhere near Austin, Texas for the next few weeks, make the time to come out to this fair!!  It is worth it.  You can even camp if you like.  The title of this post is linked to the festival's website.  Come out, enjoy spring!