Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I made my way from Texas up to Maryland last week.  For those without a map, that's a long way.  A completely uneventful drive.  My wonderful van had not a problem.  As the hours of driving continued, the temperature descended from a blazing 110 in Texas to a lovely 70 something here in Maryland.

This last weekend was the opening weekend of Maryland Renaissance Festival. I believe it is their 30th anniversary.  It is a lovely fair full of great performers and good food and unique shops.  I love it here.  We all knew opening day would be rainy, but so many people look forward to the opening day that we all forged ahead to do what we love doing.  I don't think I saw a single frown all day.  I played my noon set in a fantastic metal sculpting booth (I will insert the name of booth here when I find that info).  The shop owners were spectacular, and insanely talented craftspeople.  It was raining steadily, but not obnoxiously.  At two, I stopped in the first shop along the board walk that offered me shelter.  It was actually the first shop on the boardwalk, The Tall Toad, a hat shop.  Again, lovely lovely people with beautifully crafted hats.  I played my songs from their shop and watched the rain go from steady to buckets.  I left their shop and headed up the lane.  By the way, I cheat...  I have a very large umbrella to shelter myself and my instrument.  I would not be able to have my instrument out in this weather without it.  I stopped in a shop for a brief time watching the rain getting more and more persistent.

By this time, people were scarce.  Everyone had gotten as soaked as they could possibly stand.  My next set was scheduled for the bottom of the hill.  I wasted some time in the shop thinking the fair was likely to call it a day at any moment.  This rain was not going to stop and everyone was wearing out.  Sure enough, right at 3, fair officials started running around telling everyone to close up, the fair was closing.

I made it back to the van and tried to help my friends, The Village Idiots who were here commuting from Michigan, gather their things and find each other.  Once everyone was gone, I settled into the van with my computer and internet via tethering, and waited out the LOUD pounding rain.  My van, or small RV, is a big metal box.  The sound of things hitting it is incredibly loud.  I did manage to sleep until 5:30AM when POW, something hit the van.  Turned out to be a small twig.  Yeah, really.  It sounds like a bomb every time something hits the metal, and you can't tell where it hit.  Remember that when you come by and think about knocking on my van.  Knock on a window...  Thank you.

The fair was cancelled for Sunday.  It turned into a gorgeous day.  The area has some flooding and there is some light damage.  One shop had a small 4 inch hole in the roof, one tree went down.  Otherwise only branches and lots and lots of rain.

I know there was serious flooding and damage in more coastal locations.  I wish those folks a speedy recovery.  We here are fine and looking forward to entertaining on the next lovely weekend...  a three day holiday weekend!