Monday, September 19, 2011

Maryland Renaissance Festival

A got to play for four weekends at Maryland.  With the exception of weekend one which was rained out by Hurricane Irene, the experience was a joy as always.  My friend Adam played bodhran with me at pub sings (above), the audience sang along in full roaring harmony on Wild Mountain Thyme and Bold Riley, small children danced, and joyful good-natured laughter was a constant theme.

Sunday of weekend 4 was my last day this season and they titled the pub sing "It's Not Easy Being Abby Green." Many music acts and parts of the cast participate in this daily end of the day event.  I sang the next to last song, an a cappella version of Bold Riley.  The Pirates Royale had sung this song in years past so the audience was extremely familiar with the sing-along part.  It was glorious.  I received many roses that final day.  I pinned them all on and sang my heart out (above).  I have to concentrate not to cry when the voices fill the pub.  Singing into a space filled with harmonies is one of my absolute favorite things in life.