Friday, July 27, 2012


I moved to the Oak Hill area of Austin.  I'm staying in a wee cabin on 2 acres.  Two other people live on the property.  The owner of the property is a woman I met at a tiny house building workshop.  We plan to put some ideas together and build another cabin on her property.  I am hoping that this will give me some experience with building from the ground up as well as a space to try out some new ideas.  My cabin is about 300 square feet and I occupy one half of that.  My ceiling is reclaimed cedar boards and reclaimed cedar beams that are huge and gorgeous.  I have everything I need in this 150 square foot space.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tumbleweed Workshop

Last weekend I attended a workshop by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses about building smarter, greener, smaller.  Tumbleweed homes has made a name for itself in the extremely small homes market.  Their most famous homes are 80, 90, 120 square feet.  They are designed for people who live in the world, not at home.  A home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a safe place to sleep and eat.  Humans are supposed to live in community.  Because of their size, they are more affordable than any other type of home on the market.  I have a personal angle in this story and I hope that you will find the journey interesting and possibly challenging.  I do plan to build my own home.  I plan to begin construction within a year.  I should be able to complete the project in 6 months with help from the community of small house builders and friends.  I plan to post many thoughts, ideas, plans, and progress here on this blog.