Thursday, August 09, 2012

Travel Time

It's nearly time for me to hit the road.  I leave Austin August 15, stop in Lake Charles, LA on August 16, hang out in New Orleans for the weekend, then make my way to Maryland.  I play Maryland Renaissance Festival for five weekends starting August 25.  Then I play a new festival, Texarkana Renaissance Faire.  I play a total of four weekends in October and November with my friends Istanpitta at Texas Renaissance Festival.  The last two weekends of November, I play the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.  I should be back in Austin planning new and fun adventures by the beginning of December.  Three and a half months of travel and music and seeing old friends and making new friends!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Breaking Habits

It occurred to me while driving 3 hours one day that we Americans are just like anyone else in this world.  We humans are creatures of habit.  Often Americans get labeled lazy and entitled.  As I drove and looked at the styrofoam cup in the cup holder of my car, I decided it really wasn't laziness that kept me drinking from disposable cups, it's habit.  The effort involved in carrying your own cup is really not that big.  I often remember and I feel good about saving the planet from one disposable cup that day.  It's habit and convenience that takes me to a fast food place knowing that they have it all under control.  They are there for my convenience to take care of my on-the-go needs for food.  THEY are responsible for the way they serve me.  That's the habit I would like to break.  I would like for us to think that we can each take responsibility.  And why not?  It's easy.  We all have plenty of cups and bags and containers for leftovers.  I have four random bags in my car for all kinds of shopping, one meal sized container for leftovers at a restaurant and a cup of some kind.  The cup goes back and forth into the house for washing and is really the most difficult one to remember, but it's not THAT difficult.  We are each responsible for the trash that goes into the landfill and then into the oceans...  besides all that long-distance environmental stuff, do you know what petrochemical plastics leach into your food and drinks when you use them especially in ANY sort of heated manner (coffee in a styro cup, warm leftovers placed in a styro container, water in plastic bottles left in the car, microwaved leftovers in a plastic container)????  And we wonder why cancer is on the rise.  Remembering that helps me remember to take my cup.  If it is that we Americans are lazy and entitled, I would also like to break that idea.  I hereby hold myself responsible for the waste I create.  I am doing my part to know about the products I use and the companies I support.  I am hoping many others will join in that idea.  We can't solve this overnight, but if each of us does one tiny thing just to get us started, we can make a big dent in this problem.  Break a habit!  Take a cup!

Saturday, August 04, 2012


A couple of people have asked why I don't just stop drinking sodas.  Sodas are bad for you, don't drink them and then you don't have to take the cup.  People, bear with me here.  This piece is not about soda - it's about styrofoam cups!  I don't actually drink sodas that often.  Soda or not, the cups are still placed in people's hands at an alarming rate and then into the garbage.  Who amongst us does not have a cabinet overflowing with glasses, cups and mugs at home?  Is it really so difficult to grab one of those on your way out of the house rather than using a disposable cup at any restaurant?  Stay with me here.  The video is meant to be, first, a lighthearted offering of something simple that we can all do.  The second point of this video is to attempt to get fast food restaurants to stop using styrofoam (as well as "to go" containers at finer restaurants).  The list of things wrong with this product is long and depressing.  Do some research or keep reading this blog and I will spell it all out as time goes on.  No matter what beverage I want to drink with my burger at many of these fast food types of places, they force you to take their non-biodegradable petrochemical disposable cup.  Water, coffee, tea, soda...  it doesn't matter.  If I want to eat and drink anything in a fast food place, I am forced to use their cup.  Even if *I* stop eating and/or drinking at these places, the use still exists.  People can choose to ingest HFCS all they want.  Their consumption of that garbage doesn't hurt me.  The use of these styrofoam containers DOES hurt all of us!  It needs to stop.  If you haven't seen my 3:50 minute movie breakup with Whataburger, please watch it and share it with your friends:

Friday, August 03, 2012

Outside Cup Controversy

So far only one person has made a rebuttal argument that outside cups (me bringing my own filthy cup) can cause contamination.  This person says this is why the restaurant requires each customer to use a fresh clean new cup.  This is NOT TRUE!!!  The same restaurant allows REFILLS!  Refills are into your dirty used cup.  Any restaurant that allows refills can not say that they do not allow outside cups for sanitation reasons.  And why is that only fast food restaurants make arguments like this?  Is it true that people who eat at fast food restaurants are less clean, maybe less intelligent than patrons of other restaurants?  Do fast food chains expect their customers to be dirty and stupid?  Oh wait...  yes, they do!  That's exactly how they make millions selling lower quality foods to the masses.  Please, prove me wrong here.  Of all of the fast food burgers, I will stand by my belief that Whataburger's burgers are among the better.  I order fries with the burger about 50% of the time depending on how much I've had to eat that day.  I realize that fries are nothing but starch and grease.... tasty starch and grease.  Fast food in our fast paced world could be an intelligent choice and menu choices are changing all the time in this area.  I need fast food restaurants to stop believing that their customers are dirty and stupid.  We are not.  I see that you allow refills....  let me use my own cup!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Styrofoam Cups

Please watch, comment and share with your friends!!!