Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Birthday-Eve

This evening I am contemplating my final day as a 37 year old.  Tomorrow I am 38.
I just finished 5 really great weeks in Maryland, performing on the weekends at Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Last weekend, I performed at Texarkana Renaissance Festival.  Joachim Zwick came along and added fiddling to the weekend.  It was a first year festival, but people were happy and friendly and I think the whole thing was an overall success.
In the last couple of months, I have been making some serious progress in practicing.  I have moments where I have to force myself to stop practicing - I am making such good progress that I want to continue, but my muscles or a forming blister is screaming STOP.
I have amazing friends and family.  I am enjoying my journey as a housing thinker.  I have so many goals and ideas and plans.  I'm happy and I have enough money to buy food.  I'm healthy and I have chosen to preserve my health rather than continue to include certain people as priorities.  Life is good.
This year, 38, will be a year of growing musically with people who encourage just by committing to learn as well.  I will also be entering the building scene.  I am very hopeful that I will be able to purchase a lot or small piece of property and begin building.  I have tons of ideas.  I'm not dead-set on any one of them.  I know that the search for the lot that is affordable and buildable will help decide many other directions for the project.
I am excited about this next year.  I'm ready to make things happen!