Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost Christmas

It is almost Christmas.  Just a few more days to go until the big holiday where everyone tries to make it to the homes of family through the snow and ice...  or in the case of Texas, through the sunny 70 degree horrifying weather.  Things have moved along since my last post.  Things are in the hands of a stranger right now.  I have made big plans if things come together.  If they do not, I have made big alternate plans.  What's life without goals, plans, ideas?  I'll tell you one thing:  If I don't have a mailing address by January 15, I'm going to go batty.  I haven't changed my address on anything since I moved just before going on tour.  I didn't bother getting a PO Box since I wouldn't be here.  Now, I don't know if I'm staying or going. I don't want to spend all that money changing my address and getting a PO Box now if I'm going to be somewhere else in 23 days.  It's a real possibility.  I think I have done a fairly good job of staying patient and understanding, but wow, waiting is exhausting!!!!

For now, I'm in the southwest part of Austin on a property of 2 acres.  There are two mini-horses, Tiffy the dog, a couple of greyhounds, a cat rescue, 3 other humans, me, my cat, plus the owner of the property who is here a lot but doesn't actually live on site.  The place keeps me busy and I'm happy like that!  Stoli, my cat, and I are happy in our 150 square foot cabin.

I am spending this Christmas and New Year's Day in the homes of a few cats.  I am pet sitting, just like the old days, only a bit more relaxed as I don't have nearly as many clients as when I was a full time professional.  I get to show up, do my necessary duties, then lounge with the cats and watch episodes of Glee or Downton Abbey.  Relaxing holiday!

Happiest of holidays to you all.  Happy happy happy 2013!!!

Friday, December 07, 2012


Dear Awesome People in my life,
December is here.  This is the month where I wrap up 2012 and make some choices about 2013.  I find it convenient that it coincides with the standard calendar.  This is why New Year's Eve and Day celebrations are my favorite holiday.  I enjoy looking at the past year assessing the positives and negatives.  Choosing the things to keep and deciding what things are not as important.  I enjoy looking forward to the next year with ideas and energy to make and meet new goals.
I am a lucky person.  It's really that simple.  I was born to people who are good and intelligent.  I have never gone hungry, I have never known war, I have never been truly stranded or injured.  I appear trustworthy and people routinely put their faith in me.  I make it my goal to never ever let these people down.  I have been handed keys to homes by people who only knew my name and that I called myself a pet sitter.  I have been handed credit cards to make purchases on their behalf.  I have entered into agreements that financially bind myself or the other person.  I take special care of these situations.  I have plans and back-up plans.  I have been let down and I know the excruciating pain it causes.  To be let down is more than just money.  It's trust shattered.  It's betrayal, it's the death of innocence.  I trust people because people trust me - I consider it a pay-it-forward idea.  The biggest betrayal against me seems to be on the mend.  I do happily and freely accept this and look forward to trusting her as much as I did the first day we made the agreement.  A person who makes good deserves respect and with me, they re-earn trust easily.  This experience has taught me how precious trust is.  If someone trusts me with anything, I pledge to uphold that trust.  I have always held this ideal, but now, I do so with even more intent and purpose.
This December, I am considering something completely new and very exciting.  It is taking more trust than I sometimes feel I deserve.  And then I remember everything I believe.  I remember how hard I work, how may ideas I have, and how worthy I am of trust.
And yet, I am just a tiny bit superstitious.  I can't tell you the details.  If I do, I could jinx the whole thing.  Funny, huh?  But seriously.  If I told everyone about all the details now, and then things fell through for any reason, I would be disappointed and I would have to sadly tell you all that it's not happening.  Remember in April when I was going to send out a big newsletter?  WHILE I WAS STUFFING ENVELOPES, I received the news that my plans fell through.  For now, know that I am trusting, brainstorming, planning and back-up-planning.  If it all works out, you will know everything very soon.  You will all play a big part in it.  And I will actually start writing in this blog more often!
Love,  Abby