Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Project

OK.  I am moving this weekend.  I am nervous (that's a very nice way of saying I feel half out of my mind) and at the same time I am completely calm and feel completely confident.  One minute I wonder what the almighty hell am I doing and the next acting like this whole situation is as normal as eating a sandwich.  I am in Austin at the moment, in my 150 square foot cabin with no indoor running water.  The cat is loudly purring and snuggled up just behind my computer with his nose pressed to the edge of the screen so I don't forget he's there.  He has no idea what his new life will be like.  I wonder how he will react.  I have a feeling he will love it.
I have a borrowed trailer that is stacked full of donated furniture and really cheap finds on craigslist.  I will take that and unload it on Saturday.  Sunday I will come get the rest of my stuff including the cat.  Then, I will officially begin my journey with this crazy green ranch idea.
Here we go!