Friday, March 29, 2013


As I continually read about GMO foods and the legislation that seems to be sneaking its way in to hide this information from the public, I return to a series of thoughts that I frequently have regarding technology.

One of the issues I hope to address with Green CHAI, the Ranch is this recurring problem of technology sounding great until ten years later we find that it causes cancer.  What did we do before plastics held all of our foods?  What did we do before microwaves and cell phones and GMO foods?  Are these things safe....  and more importantly, are they necessary???? It may not be all that incredibly important to us who don't have kids or feel that our time to affect our health is past, but generationally, it WILL matter.  As ADHD (and other mental health issues), cancers and obesity rise, are we doing what is best for our next generations? Can we simply do with a little simpler life?  This is not even to mention what all of this technology and techno-garbage does to the environment.  Next time you get a plastic bag at the grocery store, ask yourself if you really NEED this bag.  Next time you pick up a piece of fruit at the store, ask yourself if you know what has been sprayed on it, where did it come from, what was harmed in the making of this apple...  and will it be you or your grandkids that are harmed over generations of ingestion?  When will the little harms add up to become the combination that cause us to stop?

There is so much evidence giving SO MANY REASONS why plastics are bad.  So they come out with BPA-free plastic - "woohoo," right?  NO.  No, "woohoo."  We have now learned that there is more.  To all you moms who so carefully made sure to feed your baby out of all of those more expensive BPA-free bottles:  sorry...  we were wrong, but, hey, you spent lots of extra money and your baby was stylish with that cute little "BPA-free" sticker on the side of the bottle!

Companies are out to make money.  Remember that.  Companies may be sincere in the beginning with their new awesome product that will shape our lives more conveniently and give us time for other things, etc.  When it turns out that their product does harm, what happens?  Nothing.  The harm in most of these technological (including foods) products takes years, even generations to show up.  No one can be held responsible.  Besides, YOU CHOSE to eat and drink it, so it's your own fault - just like cigarettes and big macs.  You choose it.  We know they are bad, and we do it anyway.  This reasoning saves these companies from responsibility.

No, don't be paranoid....  Just ask questions.  In fact, forget about health and safety, and ask, "Do I REALLY NEED this?"  If not, why risk it and why add to the landfill?  Why use another plastic bag that will be shoved under the sink when you have a perfectly good canvas bag?  Why use a styrofoam cup when you have a cabinet FULL of coffee mugs?  Why use a styrofoam or plastic to-go container at a restaurant when you have a cabinet overflowing with plastic and glass containers?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Setting up

I moved onto the property at the beginning of March.  Even though we had not officially taken possession yet, I had been hired to help move the previous owner's belongings into a storage unit.  Because of my crazy March schedule, I had to move the owner even if the closing didn't happen until later.

I arranged the previous owner's furniture and cleaned up the place to stage it for "before" pictures.  It's not that it was a complete disaster, but the man had been injured and left the property suddenly and unexpectedly.  The place was left in a state of "omg" and I didn't want my before pictures to look unfavorable to his character.

In the move, I was able to discover the livability of certain ideas.  For example, there is a large seven foot wide closet, 2 feet deep like you might ordinarily see with those sliding doors in the bedroom.  This closet only had a regular 20 inch door.  This means everything at both ends of this closet was completely inaccessible.  Great big space, totally unusable.  The kitchen is another area of wasted space that he obviously tried to reclaim, but not in the most efficient manner - I plan to change that!

Once I get my living spaces set up and efficient, I plan to fence and build the barn.  First me...  then the animals....  then the cabins!