Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Bathroom

The bathroom isn't as exciting as the kitchen or even the bedroom, but there are some changes I made that will save the bathroom and made the space a little more efficient.

Before, we have unpainted raw wood paneling....  in a bathroom.  There was evidence of a tiny bit of mildewing on the shower ceiling.  I'm sure the space stayed ventilated enough that it wasn't too big if a concern, but we are still talking about unprotected wood in a room designed to deal with water.  Also, there are two sets of lights there on the wall (there is also a main light on the ceiling), and a shelf next to the toilet.  The tiny window is very cute, but also very visible to the outside world.

Before, the shelving above the washer and dryer included an over-the-fridge cabinet (probably because they had it and wanted to put it somewhere) and a shelf on the shower wall which almost makes a triangle with the ceiling.  Let that be a hint as to how useful this shelf is.

Now, AFTER.  I added paint.  Instead of that shelf, I installed a towel rack behind the shower - out of the way, but available. The shower ceiling is sloped and so is the shower curtain rod.  Before there was a standard curtain which dragged the ground.  I made on that compensates for the slope - both an inside curtain and the one you see.

 I added a tiny curtain for that window, removed the shelf and extra lights to make room for a second towel rack.  I did away with the toilet paper holder and just set the TP in the window sill.

Finally, I removed the over-the-fridge cabinet and added shelves which hold twice the stuff.  I used all scraps for this.  I found enough to run the entire length and then 2 smaller boards, so I left the gap in the middle so that tall things could sit there.  Still present is the GIGANTIC water heater.  I plan to replace that with a tankless water heater as soon as I can safely afford it!

Friday, April 19, 2013

My week

On Monday and Tuesday I worked in Austin.  I organized and cleaned for my 4 regular clients that I see every third Monday.  I have another group that I see on second Wednesdays.  When I moved in, my kitchen looked like this:

Wednesday morning, I woke up tired from working and driving from Austin late Tuesday night.  I wasn't sure what, if anything, I would accomplish, but I started on the littlest thing and kept moving along.  By Wednesday night, my kitchen looked like this:

Thursday morning, I woke up even more tired from all of the lifting and painting, but boy, did it look impressive!  Now I had a decision.  I could begin priming and painting all the walls or I could start building the kitchen peninsula.  (Or I could just go back to bed.)  I picked up the tape measure and got started on just the littlest thing (the platforms for the cabinets).  I kept going and before long I had to move the stove into place in order to be sure the counter would be the correct size.  Well, if I move the stove, I might as well move the electrical outlet.  I crawled under the house and rerouted the electric.  That was unpleasant, but I DID IT!  Before I knew it the entire thing was built.  By Thursday night, my kitchen looked like this:

I have been awake for hours with ideas for the next phase.  I have to tile the counter and paint.  I decided how I want to tile and I have a brilliant new idea on how to do the job even easier than I have in the past.  Today, Friday, I need to do some work outside.  If that work goes smoothly and quickly, I think I will prime the walls in this room.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


For over an hour, I have been watching the paint dry in my half-way finished newly remodeled kitchen.  I took everything apart today.  Upper cabinets down, lower cabinets out.  I cut 5 1/4 inch off of the counter, rerouted the drain, and reassembled all of the lower cabinetry.  NOW, the fridge fits on that wall instead of being out free standing next to the front door.  I did not rehang the upper cabinets.  Instead, I plan to use them to make an island thing with the stove which is also free standing out by itself.  I will make a tile counter where a couple of bar stools can sit.  Instead of upper cabinets which only took up 2/3 of the upper space previously, I installed 10 feet of shelving.  3 ten foot shelves extend from one wall to the fridge.  They look beautiful - simple, useful, clean.  When I woke up this morning, I had not intended to complete the amount that I did.  I am thrilled and amazed that everything went smoothly.  I am also exhausted and I need to stop staring at my new kitchen and go to bed!
 Just so you can see what it looked like before...  :-)  Can't wait to finish it all!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My bedroom and office

First, the before pictures.  This is a 9X13 Morgan building (shed) that has been fully converted to a bedroom.  Two windows, a 7 foot closet, panelling, ceiling fan, A/C, and flooring were all added by the previous owner.

And now!  Paint is the main change.  We do have humidity and dust collects and sticks to that raw wood panelling.  The other main change was to remove half of the closet wall.  It was a 7 foot long closet with a tiny door on the front.  You could not reach ANYTHING on either end.  Now I have storage on the one end and I can access all of my clothes.  It feels like the room is twice as big.  Originally, I had planned to add a window where the A/C unit currently is.  It felt so dark and cavelike. Bot now, it is so bright, clean and airy, that I'm not sure about the window.  I might just save the window I bought for another project.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Almond Flour

I'm one of those lucky people who can eat just about anything.  But I tend to lose my mind when I get hungry, so high protein immediate access snacks are always good to have on hand.  When I was at In.gredients, the no packaging grocery store in Austin, I decided to buy some almond flour.  This evening, I found a simple recipe online for lemon sugar cookies using almond flour.  I tweaked it a bit and they are fantastic!!!  I'm going to give the recipe with my modifications...  mainly so I don't forget what I did!

2 c. Almond flour
1/2 c. flour
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
zest of one lemon
1/4 c. melted coconut oil - I found another recipe that claimed replacing this with the same amount of butter is just fine, so I did.
1 tbsp lemon juice - I LOVE lemon cookies and my lemon gave me 2 tbsp of juice, so I tossed them in.
1 egg white - why waste the yoke?  I threw the whole egg in (minus the shell)
1/2 tsp vanilla

Preheat to 350 degrees.  Mix the dry stuff in one bowl (first 4 ingredients).  Mix the wet stuff in another bowl (the other stuff).  Then mix the two together.  Add some sugar till it tastes right.  I added an extra 6 tbsp.  I figure if you don't like the dough, the cookies won't be any good either. Spray a cookie sheet with some olive oil spray or whatever ya got.  Plop blobs of dough onto a cookie sheet.  My blobs were bigger than tbsp size.  I made 12 rather large cookies and ate a thirteenth cookie raw since there wasn't any more room on the sheet.  Watch the cookies bake.  They fluff up and if your blobs are as big as mine, the cookies will collide a little.  I took my cookies out of the oven when they started deflating and there was a little golden color around the bottom edges.  Now, eat it!  Don't bother waiting for a special occasion...  just eat it!  MMMMMMmmmmmmm!!!!  You are welcome!!!