Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Manor House

I finally regained possession of my former home.  It was a long drawn out learning process.  When I sold it, I had fixed up the place so that I or someone else could walk in and feel like it was home.  When I got it back March 3, it was in a state of absolute disgust.  I made a video.  The clean still shots are from when I lived there.  The video of disgust was shot March 3 before I touched a single thing.

I have now spent 14 hours working in that mess.  One friend came and worked with me for 3 hours.  All of the trash is bagged, most of the Goodwillable stuff has been hauled to Goodwill, and an entire huge recycle trash can has been filled twice with emptied bottles of Sunkist and sweet tea.

I sliced some of the carpet back so that I could see the plywood underneath.  I had painted that plywood with a heavy duty floor paint before I put carpet in.  It looks like the paint may have survived.  Once I peel up the carpet and get it out, the floor should be cleanable for the most part.  I'm betting a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of Kilz and I will be done with the horrendous odor.

There is one more thing.  The toilet.  It is completely full of solid waste material.  I would use the other word for it, but I'm sure you're grossing out just fine without that.  Seeing that, I'm not really sure how I feel.  Sure, disgusted, maybe angry, but really, truly, how does this happen?  I feel so sorry for her daughter of 13.  She can't possibly have friends over.  Do her friends live in filth?  How does it feel to go into a home where someone cares enough to sweep the floor and take out the trash?  I feel sorry for that child.  Seeing her room (the purple room), she's well on her way to being just like mom.  And exactly how do I feel about her mother, the woman who worked the system to get 10 free months of mortgage?  No gas, no water for who knows how long.  Her income as a surgery tech is pretty good.  What is she doing?  Obviously she must be depressed.  But what else?  Depression can spiral into something like this, but is she right as depressed people often think, that she is indeed alone?  No one can help her?  No one cares?  Or did she use up all of her help and waste it?  She did with me.  I wanted her to succeed.  I wanted her to talk to me and find a solution.  She had FOUR written chances with me.  Each one got more strict and added more requirements.  The first let her skip two months...  and yet, she still could not get it together.  She paid exactly one late fee in the fourth agreement.  I dropped all the late fees in the prior agreements.  Nothing I did mattered or helped.  Something greater was wrong.

Many people have seen this video and commented that they would just set the place on fire.  For me, that means I would allow her to destroy everything I created.  This was my home.  This is a financial investment for me.  I can not allow her to destroy it completely.  I'm not going to make big money on this, but I would certainly like to break even.