Saturday, November 22, 2014

Easy perfect margarita

Don't make this rocket science.  It's not.
Ingredients: Tequila, orange liqueur, lime, glass, ice, salt optional.
Tequila:  Anything above the total crappy cheap stuff will be just fine.
Orange Liqueur: Triple Sec, Orange or Blue Curacao, this is your sweetener.
Lime: Find a smooth skin decent sized lime.  Smooth skinned limes are juicier.

If you have a lime juicer, good for you, fancy pants!  Otherwise quarter them.

Squeeze every drop of juice out of that lime!

Add equal parts tequila and orange liqueur until it's not too sour.
The end.  Drink.  Enjoy.  You're welcome.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wine Cork recycling

I decided to give my cork trivet project some color with some glass beads.  I used a heavy copper wire that I had left over from a home electrical project.  It is heavy gauge wire, so I had to search for beads with big enough holes. 
Cork Trivet with Glass Beads
Materials: 12 corks approximately the same size.  20 glass or ceramic beads 1/4-3/8 inch wide.  8 beads for the exterior any size.  Drill with extended length 1/8 inch drill bit.  Stable wooden surface and clamp.  Wire holding pliers.  Wire cutters.

Step one:  Drill holes longways and crossways in 12 corks.  To do this, I clamped each cork to a wooden table.  Carefully eyeball and drill.  Use a piece of your wire to clean out what you just drilled and to make sure the wire will pass.

Where the wires go.

Step two:  Cut four pieces of wire approximately 8 inches long.  These are for the four center passes shown in pink.  Pass each wire through crossways cork, bead, crossways cork, bead, lengthwise cork, bead, and crossways cork.  Your wires will cross.  You may need wire pliers to press the wire through.

Step three:  Cut four pieces of wire approximately 6 inches long.  These are for the four outer sides shown in yellow.  Pass each wire lengthwise cork, bead, lengthwise cork, bead.  Do this to all four sides.

Step four:  On the outer sides, one end of your wire will need to be bent in a u shape.  Pull the other end of the wire so that your u shape catches the cross wire which has the bead and continue to pull until the u is firmly stable in the cork and holding the cross wire.  Do this to all four corners.

Step five:  There should be 4 wires sticking out at the corners.  Bend the corner wire around and back toward the bead at the corner.  Do this to all four corners.

Step six:  Add a bead to one of your center wires (pink lines) and bend the wire back into a loop.  Pull the wire from the other end so that your loop is firmly and safely in the bead.  Do this to ONE END of each of those four interior (pink) wires.

Step seven:  Add a bead to the other end of one of the unfinished wires.  Estimate the amount a wire you will need to loop the wire back to the bead.  Cut the wire and loop the wire back to the bead.  Do this to the remaining wires.