Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Have you ever done something nice for someone that ended up turning into a nightmare?  Feels AWESOME, doesn't it?  My traveling musician friends brought their fifth wheel trailer here last week.  This would be a free place for them to stay and relax.  They immediately got stuck in the mud just off the edge of my gravel driveway.  It was dark, and it had been raining.  It was hard to see.  Luckily, I have a guestroom.  No problem.  Everyone get some sleep and we will deal the next day.  They had a festival gig all weekend, so they borrowed my truck to get there and back each day.  Monday, I had my AAA come out and rescue their truck and trailer.

Later, in the backing up process, the truck got stuck again.  We have tried off and on Monday, Tuesday and today to try to get it unstuck.  We bought gravel, we tried jacking it up, but the truck is now so low that a jack won't fit.  Nothing is working.  They called on their Good Sam membership and we are now waiting for the SAME WRECKER to come out again.  Since Good Sam told us what wrecker they were sending and it happened to be the same one from Monday, I called them and texted photos of the situation.  At this point, we have no choice but to pay whatever fees they want to charge.  We have tried everything.  Nerves are shot, tempers are short.  The week that is usually so peaceful out here has been an absolute nightmare.

This may be the last trailer allowed on my property.  There is an RV park just 13 miles up the road.  This may have saved ten bucks, but it spent everyone's nerves.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rain Rain Rain

This week has been exceptionally rainy.  We aren't used to this here is moderately dry south Texas, and even less used to it since we have been in a drought for years.  On my way home from St. Patrick's Day playing in Lake Charles, I got to see all of my neighbors' properties shiny with deep water.  My property is no exception.  The low end of my property has a pond.  The high end has my home.  Even the high end has pools and the ground is just saturated and mushy.

Friends arrive with their fifth wheel trailer after dark on Thursday evening.  Unfortunately, their passenger side wheels on the trailer went off the gravel and got firmly stuck in the mucky clay mud.  The trailer and their truck is still sitting there.  I'm not exactly sure how we are going to free them except to wait until summer when all of this will dry up.  Thank goodness I had the guestroom ready.

MUSIC: I had a lovely time at Things Celtic in Austin on the 15th.  Another lovely time at the Westminster in Austin on the 16th, and an insane time at MacFarlane's Celtic Pub in Lake Charles, LA on the 17th.  I turned in the master copy of the learning CD on the 16th and the art has been approved.  I should be able to pick those up on the 27th and ship out the orders very soon!

GREEN CHAI: Is a swamp of mud.  The on-demand shower water heater that is in my bathroom died.  This means I must quickly get the shower-house in working order.  Guests are already here and more will be showing up for the big container build week of April 5-11.

Friday, March 13, 2015

This Week

ON THE RANCH:  I brought home a pickup truck.  My dad got himself a new fancy shmancy truck and let me have the old one.  It's beautiful, I love it, and it hauled a bunch of supplies home already.

I only accomplished a couple of ranch things this week.  I installed a water filter, I hung the swing that my grandmother sent in the before-mentioned truck, and I unloaded many things that dad sent like outdoor kitchen equipment and a chainsaw.  Woohoo!

IN MUSIC:  The book is finished and I am now in possession of 20 copies.  The CD portion of the books are not here yet, but all of the recording and graphics are complete.  Pre-Sales are going well.  The Pre-Sale deal ends March 20 and books w/CD should ship the first of April.

This weekend begins the St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  I'll be at Things Celtic in Austin on Sunday (3/15).  They have music scheduled all day long.  I will play form 4-5.  Then I have a wine tasting at a retirement village on Monday.  Then, on Tuesday 3/17, I'll play at MacFarlane's Celtic Pub in Lake Charles, LA.