Friday, May 15, 2015

Container House Progress

In case you are wondering how it's coming along, here is a video tour! We have been working on it for one month.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Container Helpers

I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have the sort of friends who come out here, work themselves exhausted, and want to return for more!!!  Kati, Kim, and Kate came out for 2 full days this week.  While I cut the metal for the window and door in the bedroom, they built large portions of the walls that would hold the insulation.  Together, we installed the ceiling and stuffed the whole place with insulation.  We only lack the last ten feet which include my platform bed and the wall that will be built in place of the mammoth container doors.

Kate brought me the cabinetry that goes under a waterbed.  We carried them into the container and stacked them where the kitchen counter is to be.  I did this so I could consider whether it would work to use them as my kitchen cabinets.  I already knocked out the facing that is in those open holes.  All of the drawers are here, but some are missing handles.  I think I will sand down all of the fronts knocking off that 70's routered look, paint the whole thing, and maybe even remove the doors.  It will be a bit taller than a standard counter, but I'm tall, so I don't mind!