Sunday, January 31, 2016

Robert Burn's Supper

Last night I attended and played music for a lovely Burn's Supper in Houston, TX.  I played with Richard Kean, bagpiper extraordinaire, Joachim Zwick, fiddler, and Scott Jernigan, fellow singer and zouk player.  Together we jokingly called ourselves the Rhubarb Shags.  Of course, we are referring to a color and type of 70's flooring.

Burn's Suppers or Burn's Night is a celebratory evening in honor of Robert Burn's, Scottish poet, song writer, and lady's man.  There are toasts, amazing food including haggis, and music.

Richard's wife attended and was our official photographer, videographer.  I offer you the most classic Robert Burn's song, A Man's a Man For All That.  I'll post a few more clips later.