Saturday, July 02, 2016

Day 15: Jameson's

May 20th was a rainy day full of random sites.  We started with a tour Jameson's.  They chose 8 volunteers from the group to do a whiskey tasting at the end.  Gwyndolyn and I were chosen.  For our tour beverage, we chose Jameson's and ginger ale which was a very good combination.  And the tasting was very interesting.  While I'm sure they chose a Scotch and an American whiskey that would really show off the differences in the most harsh way, it did inform my mind which I had never considered.  The Scotch whisky was smokey which, for me, isn't a bad thing necessarily.  I like smokey flavors.  The American was harsh with the alcohol, and the Jameson's was sweeter which explains why it went so well with the ginger ale.
The quick volunteer gets the tasting!
 This is a picture of my favorite beer in the world (so far), Lon Dubh Stout made by 9 White Deer.  It's a smokey delicious Stout...  I would love to have this delivered to my door here in the states every day!  Can anyone make that happen?
 Our journey to Drombeg Stone Circle got foggier and rainier.  It was definitely a scene that could be used in either a horror film or a mystical time traveling flick.  We didn't see many other tourists out.
A really cool place to have mostly to ourselves.
 Finally Timoleague Friary right on the water.  The grounds were extensive and parts were being worked on.  In the fog it was almost too east to get lost in the scene.

To be continued!!!

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