Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 20: Sammy the Seal

It's May 25th, our last full day in Ireland.  We have been exceptionally horrible gift purchasers on this trip.  We decide to stick close to our home base, and focus just a tiny bit of our energy on gift purchases.

We chose nearby Glendalough to be our scenic destination.  This gorgeous place was... well... gorgeous.  We hiked to various sites, purchased toasties at a vending truck in the inner parking lot, and sat by the lake to eat our lunch.
Ahhhhh...  we're going to miss this place.

Wandered up here and found a Brown Creeper (a bird).

Founder of this monastic site, held his arm out in meditation for so long that a bird nested and the chicks fledged.
There were shops along the road into Glendalough.  We stopped at two of them on our way back toward Wicklow town.  We found a good variety of cute treasures.  We felt that our mission as shoppers was accomplished.  Well, almost.
Derrybawn Bridge, C. 1700...  in front of one of the shops.
 My favorite critter is the otter.  There was one in Ashford, Wicklow near where we stayed. He has a fish between his front paws.
Can I take him home?!?!?!
 On to Wicklow Town proper.  Our destination would be Sammy the Seal.  He's famous for knowing the time.  He is fed at precisely 4PM.  He is always there. On time.  Today was no different.  Such a sweet face.  The owner of the restaurant who feeds him got advice from an expert about what and how much to feed a seal.  Sammy likes his free meal, that's for sure!
Sammy the famous Seal.
Our final shopping stop was the grocery store.  We bought an absurd amount of Cadbury.  Even places that do sell real European Cadbury can not possibly sell every single kind they offer in Europe.  We did our best to support the chocolate loving economy.

Back at our BnB, we were due to meet with Dublin writer, Abby and Brian for one last drink on the porch.  They showed up and whisked us away to Hunter's Hotel which is a lovely place with gorgeous gardens and adorable sitting spaces near fireplaces.  We had a few pints, a few laughs and they took us home, practically tucking us into bed.  They tied up our Ireland adventure - the first and last days of our journey.  <3 p="">
It would be an early morning.  Off to bed.

To be continued.....

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