Saturday, July 09, 2016

Day 17: Cork City

On our final day stationed in Cork, we decided to visit the city.  First stop was Blackrock Castle and Science center.  Nothing about the castle itself is original, but the science center housed there, while aimed for young people, is still rather in depth.  The young tour guide showed us a projected view of the night sky in an air-inflated space center.  And then she led us around and up to the top of the castle.
Blackrock Castle with a shipping container yard just across the river.
It rained on us at the top of the castle!  Glad to have a rain coat!
In times of rain, cities are good.  Cities have pubs.  Franciscan Well brewery has a back yard area which is home to Pompeii pizza.  Get your beer and go sit out back.  Order your pizza and enjoy!  The pizza place was just one man and a wood fired oven.  He only takes cash.  Always have some cash.  The pizza was fantastic.

I did have a Franciscan Well beer, but I couldn't pass up the chance to try this unique Ginger Porter which was quite tasty.  Some small breweries have taken to canning beers and slapping a sticker label to the can.  I pealed the label and saved it for my scrap book.  All around win.
Try all the flavors!
When the rain stopped and the sun mostly came out, we made our way to the "Four Faced Liar" otherwise known as St. Anne's bell tower.  I didn't really want to ring the bells, but I did want to see the view from the top.
Perfectly normal street in Cork.
 The cashier at the door gives construction site looking ear muff protectors.  To climb to the top, you go THROUGH the bell room.  If a bell rings while you are there, it is LOUD!!!!  Getting through the maze made me laugh.  There is no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that you would be allowed to crawl your way through a bell tower like this in the states.  You had to contort your body and like a child on a playground climb through to the next group of stairs!
Climbed right past this guy.
 When we got to the top, another American tourist was there.  She was living in Europe and tried to take advantage of her location seeing everything she could while she lived and worked near so many points of interest.
The view from the top of things never gets old for me.  Practically the entire city of Cork.
 The day was clearing up nicely by now and we made our way to St. Fin Barre's Cathedral.
Crossing the River Lee
 This cathedral had so many things to see outside, hundreds of statue figures.  There was an admission to go inside and I just didn't feel like it.  The exterior had the potential to take days to explore anyway.
St. Fin Barre's Cathedral
 We walked by University College Cork and through Fizgerald Park.
Lovely scenic Fitzgerald Park.
 We stopped in at The Friary, a small pub with a lively bar tender.  They didn't serve food, but they certainly had plenty of beer.  We had a pint to hold us over to dinner.
We parked by this wall.  We knew we'd be able to find it again!
To be continued....


Fun and Thoughts said...

I love your quote "In times of rain.."!

Lucinda Hayes said...

We saw that colorful wall in Cork!-Cindy Hayes

Lucinda Hayes said...

We saw that same colorful wall in Cork!