Monday, August 01, 2016

Mamma Raccoon

At first, I thought this raccoon was a young naive creature, but after a little research, I figured out she was a mamma showing up about dusk looking for easy scraps.  She showed up every night for quite a while, so often that Stoli nearly got used to her.  I caught this video because there really wasn't anything I could do to rescue Stoli.

The last time she came around, she brought her children.  I was in the living room and heard quite a lot of noise.  Could be any animal, but I kept hearing more and more noise.  I finally went to the door and shined a flashlight.  I caught at least 6 small pairs of glowing eyes.  They scattered up the trees, out into the yard.  It was as if mama had promised this would be perfectly safe and my flashlight destroyed her promise.

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