Friday, December 29, 2017


I am still not entirely convinced that this is a real word. We try to learn a new word each day. When I googled it, I found very little. I'll use it here and see how it feels.

Her amarity toward her mother rivaled the bitter black sludge at the bottom of her coffee cup. After a lifetime of being belittled and never standing up for herself, she grew a shell which protected her mostly from the harsh words and judgments her mother had no problem throwing at her. She found that she had no kindness or grace to offer her mother anymore and only dreaded the times that family came together. She faced her mother with a cold separated kindness that was not entirely fake, but was certainly an effort. She was always a kind person to everyone, which is what made the amarity she felt all the more difficult to swallow in face to face encounters with her mother.

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