Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Cold in Texas is almost always dreary. The sun hides behind the clouds and haze. The daylight looks like it is 5:30PM all day long. It's probably drizzly or flat out raining too. Cold days in Texas look sad. It's hard to be joyful or productive for more than a day of this. Today, Anne cooked several of our meals for the week. She spent the day in the kitchen creating warmth and tantalizing smells in our tiny living room & kitchen cabin. Some saved chicken scraps and bones went into a pot to make a broth. She added a small container of stew broth. I had stolen the meat and onions from the stew to make a breakfast taco one morning. She also added a small container of curry broth. The new combined broth smells delicious. She also made a spaghetti sauce. Tomorrow we plan to add a bit of ground elk meat and have a warm belly full of spaghetti squash with this sauce which smells slightly spicy. Everything we cook around here has a least a hint of spicy. She also made a big batch of popcorn on the stove. She pops the corn in a small bit of coconut oil and her own selection of herbs and spices. Food is such a wonderful thing to me. She cooks, I feel loved. It's a good thing.

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