Monday, January 01, 2018


It's COLD! Here in Texas, cold is usually defined as any temperature under 70 degrees. But this is actually freezing cold down in the 20s for days plus wind! It is really seriously cold.

We finished packing this morning including packing up the cat. Got the humans, dog and cat into the truck, locked everything, and took off to Georgetown. We set up camp in about 10 minutes. I am so impressed at how quick and easy it is to set up our little EggCamper. I left Anne and dog along at camp and took Stoli to his Auntie Pat's.
Pat gave me a tshirt for Christmas! HAHAHAAAA!
Stoli is more and more used to visiting Pat. Every time we arrive he has to pretend to be nervous. It's only for show these days. He hid under the sofa for about five minutes and then walked the perimeter of the house in a half-slunk manner. Then another round in a 3/4 slunk manner. Then a third round in a completely upright and confident manner stopping by both Pat and myself for a couple of scritches.

Made it back to camp before Anne froze to death. We decided to make a quick trip to Dos Salsas for margaritas and brisket nachos...  but wait! It's New Year's Day! On New Year's Day, it is important to eat black eyed peas, cabbage, and pork. We ate pork in the calzones I made for breakfast. Black eyed peas are hard to come by, but cabbage is served on several dishes at this restaurant. We asked if they wouldn't mind substituting the lettuce with cabbage. It was a lovely addition as it turns out.

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