Thursday, January 11, 2018

Blogging with Others

I've never had a blog with another person. It's a funny thing. We both enjoy writing, but she has this thing where she is "not in the mood" to write when it is actually convenient to write. There's always something in the way of her mood. I have decided that I will absolutely positively not push her. It wouldn't help if I did and we'd just end up fighting about it. She wrote this week's blog post a few days ago in the middle of the night under the bed in our camper... seriously. It's a LOOOOOOOONG post. We are now at a bar in Tucson where she is revising and adding to this post. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely post, but it is so far away from my own process that it takes actual effort for me to not be annoyed or even severely annoyed/angry. I am observing my own reactions here, not judging her. We have our own paths, our own methods. The work will get done, it always does. And so, I am not annoyed. I am drinking my beer and writing my own thoughts which is EXACTLY how our relationship started. These thoughts and observations of my own reactions are MINE. Her methods and writing is HERS. We have always had this separation and I think it's good. It's also good to write about how my mind works with how she operates. I'm now laughing because she has moved from editing her blog post to checking facebook. Ha. We are all the same aren't we??

This bar that we sat and wrote above, this was the same place we started our day together in April when we decided a more personal face to face relationship just might work - We call this day "The Best Day of Anne's Life." We call it that because that's what she told my mother the very next day. In April, we drove back to my parent's home from Tucson and Anne told them this day had been "the best day of my life." My mothers sort of chuckled. There was something in Anne's voice that spoke volumes, and yet, we didn't even know what we would decide to do quite yet... but it didn't take long to figure out.

Illegal Pete's. We sat there for hours in April. This time only to finish up some blogging. We met with Anne's uncle for lunch at Guadalajara. As we parked the truck, I noticed on my GPS that Murphy's Irish Pub was highlighted. This was also part of "The Best Day." We had gone to the Irish session in April and on to this 50's diner place for a late dinner after the session. After lunch today, we drove over to Murphy's for a pint. Without the music, it was a bit bland, but fun to be in the same place, and our bar tender Brandy was a fabulous bar tender and source of entertainment, in a good way.

Time to go back to camp and pack up to leave in the morning!

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