Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Cherry Sour Porter

There was a good deal of errands to run...  all checked off the list. Then we went to Whole Foods with Gwyndolyn to have a beer or two. On tap, they offered a cherry sour porter. I just googled that and found that more than one brewery has this in their repertoire and I can not remember which brewery was on tap, but I have a feeling my review of such a drink would likely hold true for any such concoction. I asked for a wee taste because I was just too curious. I'm glad I only got a taste... It tasted like dill pickles and porter combined. I don't know how they think there is any cherry taste at all... Flat out dill pickle and beer. I don't know, maybe with the right pretzels this might be lovely, but I'm afraid I'll pass on this.

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