Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Day 2

Today I worked for an organizing client taking down Christmas. Christmas is over in that house!

The highlight of the day was sitting down in 600 Degrees while it was 20 some degrees outside. We sit at the bar. They have many taps, many choices of beer and they make a pretty good pizza. Before five PM, you can order a single slice of whatever type of pizza you want. The single slices are huge. We like to get the "Baker's Choice" for the element of surprise. We tell them we like spicy but no fruit or seafood please. The pizza we got today was so hot I thought my ears were on fire. It was a lovely contrast from the freezing cold outside.

I enjoyed a Stone Brewery Xocoveza. This brewery is just north of San Diego, where we will soon be. A friend of mine (Gwyndolyn) had recently mentioned this specific beer as her all time favorite. It is like drinking the beer version of a Mexican hot cocoa. It has a wonderful rich flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Gwyndolyn has good taste in beer! One of my Irish beers might still be my favorite, but this beer is a serious contender for first place.

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