Thursday, January 04, 2018

Grape Creek Winery

More errands today before we leave our home-turf area tomorrow morning. One errand was to find a Texas gift for our hosts down the road. We looked through a few stores and wound up at a winery shop in downtown Georgetown, Grape Creek Winery. A tasting? SURE! I am generally skeptical of Texas wines. The ones I have known are way too sweet, and I am all about dry reds, buttery and spicy, mmmmm. I chose six of their reds for my tasting and did not hate any of them. Anne and I agreed on one as a gift because of the absolutely lovely fragrance. That fragrance carried well into the flavor, of course, but my very favorite was their Merlot. It was rich and buttery with a light peppery goodness. I like rich wines and beers like porters and stouts. In general, I like to practically chew my drinks... unless I'm mowing my ten acre property, and then give me a Shiner Ruby Red. We liked their wines so much that we joined their wine club! We feel so grown up :-)

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