Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Stoli comes home

Anne and I have many errands to accomplish today. The biggest one: bring home the cat!

We got up early enough to grab breakfast at the Kountry Bakery (We both hate that they use a K to spell Country, but it is a lovely little local place, so whatever). We got our kolaches and coffee and headed north to Georgetown and Austin.

We visited the grocery store and the bank and the post office to check Anne's mailbox. We were due to collect Stoli around one or two and it was only 11, so we stopped in for pizza and a beer at 600 Degrees, one of our favorite tap rooms in Georgetown. We got our usual cook's choice pizza slice with "no fruit and no seafood." As usual, it was a delicious surprise, this time with chicken and chorizo amongst other goodies. Then, because we became wine club members at Grape Creek, we stopped in for our half glass of wine and sat in their upstairs members-only lounge.

Stoli has been at his Auntie Pat's for a month. The house has been filled with her kids and grandkids. Stoli is one of the family there. I arrive and he pays no attention. He is a cat. Pat finally went into her room and carried him out into the living room. He almost immediately decided to go into a guest room and hide under the trundle bed. I made friends with him, stuffed him into his carrier, and brought him home.

I love this cat, but with these trips and his dislike of the travel back and forth, I consider giving him up to Pat or someone else. He certainly enjoys his time back here on the ranch when we get back and settled, but I think he is truly confused. He obviously loves and trusts Pat and he certainly enjoys being the only animal there.

I'll take him back to Pat's for our spring trip and again for the Alaska trip of three months travel. He really won't know me by the end of that one.... Poor cat. I really do not like dragging him back and forth. Really. It hurts me.

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