Wednesday, January 31, 2018

TC-Home Portable 6L

We got the new outdoor water heater today. If you missed why we need a new one and info on the previous one, here's the story: HERE.

We chose to order a very similar water heater, the TC-Home Portable 6L, but this one has what appears to be heat stabilizing controls. It hooked up exactly the same as the old one which is very good news.
Out of the box, I can say that the shower head and hose for the head are really cheap and pretty crappy (no on/off switch on the head and the hose is super short), but that's ok because the old ones I have still work just fine.

First shower experience? First thing I noticed was the temperature screen is in Centigrade... This unit is from Canada. It's more important to gauge the consistency of the temperature and I'll get used to knowing what temp reading is good or too hot.

Really, the temperature was MUCH MORE consistent than the Eccotemp L5. It was really nice to have a consistently hot shower without the sudden blasts of hot or the drops in temperature.  This unit was only $75... and so far, I say it's a total winner!

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