Friday, January 05, 2018

Travel day

In general, we are early risers. We are also insomniacs with similar 'wake at 2, 3, 4AM and stay awake for hours' patterns. Today is a travel day and we have the alarm set for 6AM. We plan to throw together some breakfast and coffee and be on the road by 7. However, our brains have synced up to wake us both at about 3:48. At 4, both of us are wide awake and I suggest we go ahead and get up. Anne is completely in agreement. I don't like to rush. I prefer to have a few hours to eat, drink coffee, pack up leisurely than to throw everything into the car and drive away like a crime scene getaway. We drive through the gates of the park at 6:15AM. First destination is Fredricksburg where I will get to meet Anne's father for the first time. Because of our early start, we will stop by the grocery store first.

A small very happy friendly dog greets us as we arrive. I expected a dog by the name of Shotzy to be fluffier or shaggier, but this dog is smooth and short haired, also a bit round. Dr. Walker holds court in the kitchen at an island that is well equipped with drawers and outlets that he installed. We chat and drink coffee and collect mail and travel brochures that he rounded up for us. He has news of the neighbors, and I get to visit the infamous organs (music, not kidneys) he has repaired and the antique sofa Anne intends to rescue as soon as we can find a place to put it. Then, with the promise to return on our way back home, we are off to Davis Mountain State Park.

On our way to Fredricksburg, we encountered a detour that took us down a narrow road that had drop off jagged edges, I would speed up and drive more to the center of the road when I could, but I frequently had to drive along the edge and cringe as I felt the poor trailer jump up and down knowing our stuff was also bumping around and hanging on for dear life. In addition, I was watching the gas gauge plummet. I guessed that my sporadic speeding and slowing on this backroad was the cause. After Fredricksburg, I continued to see horrible gas mileage. Driving the hill country through wind and hills absolutely drained the tank. It's not so much the money or even the environmental issue, but sadly, the fact that gas stations out in this part of the world have a bit of distance between them. This became a new challenge and stressor that I had not been prepared to manage. Onward with crossed fingers!

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