Sunday, January 07, 2018

West Texas Towns

Today, we toured the city life of the Big Bend area. First, the wee town of Fort Davis. There is an old fashioned drugstore with soda fountain that I had seen mentioned more than once in social media. We made it there in time for lunch. We split a cheeseburger with onion rings and enjoyed a cream soda (me) and rootbeer (Anne). It was an adorable atmosphere and I enjoyed the flavors of junkfood.

Alpine is home to Big Bend Brewery. The brewery is a warehouse style pub with large tables offering a few games for their patrons. I had their porter which was very good. Anne had some IPA thing and we enjoyed trying our hand at Scrabble. Anne claims she won...  uh huh.

Finally, Marfa. We had read about a beergarden that was dog friendly. Macy, who had been in the car all day was most looking forward to this stop. Google maps claimed it would be open, but alas, that's only during seasonal seasons. We found our way back to what appears to be the only thing open during the winter: Hotel Saint George. The bartender was friendly and it was happy hour. A Founder's Breakfast Porter for me, and a classic margarita on the rocks for Anne. We chose a Wagyu Tartar and a macaroni and cheese with short ribs. Both were delicious even though on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Our city tour was rather quiet. Back to camp!

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