Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Caught up!

I don't think filling in some dates later is exactly cheating, but it sure does feel good to be totally caught up in this blog.  I have a few posts that give me some very good ideas for topics I'd like to expand when we write the book... and during the travel days, most everything is documented so I don't forget any details. I'm horrible with dates and names of people and restaurants. It is extremely important for me to keep a log.

It's continued to be cold and dreary around here. That's just not normal for us and we are beginning to get a bit stir crazy. Anne needs her time outdoors working on trees and stuff. I need Anne to be happily working outside. I too end up outside, frequently. It's not "getting rid of her" outside, it's "Anne being happy" that is important.

Ummmm... Is the cat still there?
Stoli stayed in the cabin almost the entire day the last two days. In the cabin with us humans and THE DOG. They did relatively ok. There were stare downs and Macy tried to growl a few times but shut up when we told her she has to be nice to her brother.

I hope it warms up soon... and without the drizzle or rain. We need a thaw out day.

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