Wednesday, February 07, 2018


It's cold here which means we are in the 40's. Taking a look at Facebook, it appears we are actually WARM today. There are icy road accidents reported, friends stuck in cities on their drives home, and truly frigid temperatures reported everywhere.

Perspective is funny. For south Texas, we are definitely cold. We changed our plans from working outside to doing a day's work indoors on our computers. We have taxes to do, writings to write, and things to bake when I get tired of the computer. Even the cat changed his plans. He is sitting in the kitchen chair next to me. He take personal offense to bad weather, and sits with his ears back letting you know that he holds you personally responsible for this cold drizzly weather.

A second pot of coffee has been made, half-caff this time. The three heaters alternate coming on warming the cabin as well as small electric heaters can. We wear our robes and fuzzy slippers and whine about the frigid outdoor world. Luckily we have the perfect leftovers waiting for us in the fridge: red beans and rice. Yum! All is not lost.

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