Sunday, February 11, 2018

Craft Day

We expected this day to be cold and dreary. We've been watching the forecast for days and planned our indoor activities accordingly. Anne got my Valentine's Day present and I have already seen it. I love it. It's hilariously awesome. I won't tell you what it is until Valentine's Day.

Today, the cold dreary day, became craft day. The day I would create a gift for Anne. Originally, we had both decided that Valentine's Day was nothing to make a big deal out of. She went way overboard, but really it was more of a date coincidence. The idea too funny to pass up, and Valentine's Day just happened to be next week. Neither of us claim to be good at presents, so when one gets a brilliant and funny idea, you go for it! Now, I'm in the awkward position to try and create a present equally fabulous. I'm crafty. I set to work.

With the heaters on high just to keep the temperature at 63 degrees Fahrenheit, I got out a coffee can, valentine gift wrap, tissue paper, skewers, styrofoam, and a bag of tiny Heath Bars. The plan was to create a bouquet of a dozen Heath Bar roses.

First, I took 24 tiny Heath Bars and put the rest in the bottom of the coffee can. Next, I cut round pieces from a 2" thick styrofoam board that I happened to have from a shipment I recently received. I put one into the can over the Heath Bars and wrapped another piece with tissue paper and stuffed that into the coffee can as well letting fluffy tissue paper stick up out of the coffee can. I cut a piece of Valentine wrapping paper and glued that around the coffee can. Not I have a vase for my skewer roses to perch.

I cut a dozen pieces of tissue paper about 6"X6". I took one piece and stabbed the center with the skewer, twisted the paper and added a dab of glue to the non-pointy end of the skewer. I slid the bunched tissue paper to the glue end and held it in place for a moment. I taped two Heath Bar just below the tissue paper bunch on opposite sides of each other, ... then I tied a green bow around the two Heath Bars holding everything tightly together.

When all six "roses" were complete, I stabbed them into the styrofoam in my "vase." Then I couldn't wait to give it to her...  so I DID!

It's silly, and it was fun, and that's what Valentine's Day presents should be!

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