Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dog is better

Macy is all better. Actually, she is more like at 110% of what she was before the illness. She is ravenously running around the property looking for any scrap of anything to eat even though we are feeding her more dog food than she used to get before she was sick. She is chewing herself madly - she has always had "allergies" or more likely "self-destructive pay-attention-to-me-CONSTANTLY" syndrome which is funny because she is with us nearly 24/7. It's not exactly separation anxiety because she doesn't do it when we leave her in the camper, just at home when she isn't immediately in sight of us which is by her own choice... and sometimes when she is right beside one of us. She's half blind, half deaf, and completely nuts.

Hopefully, she will calm back down... It's not like we were giving her steroids, just antibiotics!

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