Saturday, February 03, 2018

Don't Feel Like It

There is a degree to which not-feeling-like-it is as good as an excuse as is needed. Want to go to the movies? Want to go out to dinner? Want to read a book? Sure, any friend should accept and you, yourself, should accept this as a perfectly acceptable reason not to do something.

Want to work on this project that we both agreed to do? Want to do the laundry? Want to feed the dog? Not-feeling-like-it is an okay thing to proclaim FOR A SHORT WHILE. At some point, the partner on the project is going to grow annoyed to hear the delay is only because you don't-feel-like-it. Eventually, the laundry is going to leave you with no underwear. After a while, the dog is going to eat your leg.

I tend toward the workaholic mentality because I'm self-employed and if I don't stay on top of things, it will get incredibly difficult to catch up and I'm the only one to blame. I believe in following the ebb and flow of your own workings. Do things when they feel the most right and inspired. But if you are repeatedly uninspired, at some point you simple HAVE TO sit down and do the thing! Or, if you simply can not, admit it and bow out entirely. Don't string the partner along. Buy new underwear. Give the dog a new home.

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